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Alko 1 MG (Xanax) Tablet helps treating anxiety disorders. It is sold under the brand name Alprazolam. The formula is effective for generalized anxiety disorders. It helps in treatment of anxiety which associates with depression and panic disorders. It is from a class of drugs called Benzodiazepines. It comes in numerous forms like tablets, disintegrating tablets, liquid form. It is also an extended release tablets. Alko 1 Mg Tablet is brand name for the well known drug Alprazolam. It has one of the best formulation that further treats panic and anxiety disorders. It enters the brain activity and makes you feel calm. It provides relief from the panic attack by relaxing the nerves. Alko 1 Mg (Xanax) should be taken with / without food.

How to take Alko 1 MG (Xanax) tablet?

Alko 1 Mg (Xanax) Tablet should be taken with or without food. A chain should be managed in taking this drug so that it maintains the consistency in blood. No dose should be missed and if you do then no overdose should be taken at the same time without breaking the chain. A good level of medicine should be created in the body that leads to effective treatment. It should be taken only with the advice of Doctor as it’s habit forming drug.

What are the precautions taken with Alko 1 Mg (Xanax) Tablets?

The precautions taken with Alko 1 Mg (Xanax) tablets is that it should be taken keeping in age factors. It should not be given with under age I.e. less than 18 years of age. The formulation should be taken only with the Doctor’s prescription. If you have any allergy with Alko or any component available with the formula then before taking Alprazolam you should consult the Doctor. If you suffer from severe lung/ breathing problems liver disease, kidney disease then you should consult the Doctor immediately.

Side effects related to Alko 1 Mg (Xanax) tablet Side effects which are related to Alko 1 Mg (Xanax) Tablets are as light headedness, drowsiness, slurred speech, insomnia, impaired conditions. It may also lead to memory problems. Weight gain is another important aspect associated with it. A healthy balanced diet is recommended with the tablet to avoid weight gain and high calorie food should be consumed. Regular monitoring of blood sugar levels and liver should be done to avoid any complications.

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